A website is the modern-day storefront, but in the digital realm. It is the main hub of your business, where you would promote your brand, sell a product or services, and everything in between. A lot goes into building a website, so lets get into it below.

Build Requirements



Lead time: 1 week

Pre-production casts the vision of the project with storyboarding, shotlisting, setting deadlines,  identifying logistical/technical needs, number of assets, and potential pitfalls, and anything else that will help shoot day go smoothly. Pre-production also aids departments in planning posts and roll-out and allows content teams to approximately estimate the time needed to both shoot and edit content.

During this process, we may conclude turn-around times of the project can’t be met based on the timing and complexity of the request. Compromise, added support, and additional involvement may help speed up the process, but only so many corners can be cut. Content takes time, and thorough planning ensures success and potential issues later in the process.



Lead time: 1-2 days

The content team will shoot quality content to match the clearly outlined expectations using storyboards and shot lists created prior to the shoot, and improvise only when needed (or inspired!)

On shoot day, surprises and issues may surface, warranting delays. Even though everyone can work together to problem-solve quickly, the content team does better when creating great assets within the agreed-upon schedule.



Lead time: 1 week

Depending on the content and potential issues, a first draft can take a various amount of time. Clear, respectful communication regarding what changes are desired expedites timelines and helps editors meet expectations as editing, effects, animations, text, and overlays.

Warning: The more an edit departs from the agreed-upon scope in the planning phase, the longer final completion will take or may require a re-shoot. Revisions and last-minute changes often radically restructure timelines and frequently introduce technical issues.



Lead time: ???

Once all revisions are done and final approval is given, departments are finally ready to plan and distribute the finished media through channels agreed upon in pre-production.

Media (raw content, revisions, and final assets) will all live on The Spacestation Shared Google Drive, under the outlined file path under “Spacestation". Hyperlinks to specific folders will be linked to Monday boards and can always be found through conventional, established file paths.

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