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A website is the modern-day storefront, but in the digital realm. It is the main hub of your business, where you would promote your brand, sell a product or services, and everything in between. A lot goes into building a website, so lets get into it below.

Storytelling is a buzzword in marketing but seldom do people know how it relates to branding and business. Some think it’s creating content. Some think it’s verbally telling a story in a presentation. Here’s what it is: It’s inviting the audience into their own story through your brand, not because of it. Building a brand story centers the audience as the hero — the brand is merely aiding the audience to achieve their goals and satisfy their needs.

Build Requirements



Lead time: 1 week

No, silly, we’re not going to take inventory of physical products. We’re talking about analyzing your brand. Who is your audience? What do they want? What services are we providing for them? Sometimes it’s difficult to stop and take stock of the current state of your brand, but the sooner you think about it, the better and easier this process will be. While you’re doing this, we will be doing my research too.

But what if your brand isn’t live yet? Even better. Let’s start dreaming of what your brand can be!



Lead time: 1 week

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around what storytelling is and how your brand relates to your potential audience, you’re going to sit down for an in-depth, hour-long brand story interview.

During the consultation/interview, we will be going through the Storybrand framework at a glance, and I will be asking you questions to fill out the framework for your brand.

Through the interview, I will be asking follow-up questions and helping you to identify your audience, empathize with them, and identify and develop a plan for them to engage with your brand.

Sometimes I might need to ask more follow-up questions if we run out of time in the consultation interview or if there are more necessary details.


Conclusion Deck

Lead time: 1 week

After the consultation and interview, I will be building a deck that will synthesize everything we talked about in the session and lay it out in an easy-to-understand framework. This document will also share our recommendations for potential content, design, and marketing strategies to give your audience value and solve their problem.

Case study