A website is the modern-day storefront, but in the digital realm. It is the main hub of your business, where you would promote your brand, sell a product or services, and everything in between. A lot goes into building a website, so lets get into it below.

Whenever you need to pitch an idea, sell a concept, or just reach out to another brand or company, we can add the patented Spacestation Sauce to visually represent what you want to say for your very own deck.

The Creative Crew can tweak and create photos, create illustrations, write copy, and/or create a template that gives your decks a whole new identity.

Build Requirements



Lead time: 1 week

The amount of planning ahead we will do depends on the needs of your deck.  If you are providing the copy, it will greatly speed up the process as we will give you a template to fill out.

If you need more copy and planning, we will require a creative brief meeting to ask questions regarding goals, tone, and assets to be able to create an outline. Here’s the planning process for larger deck projects:

A short deck can be great and can be used as a quick recap after a meeting or conversation. A longer deck can be more comprehensive and personal. Come with ideas of how you envision your deck and we’ll collaborate on how to do it.


Do you want to have a more formal or casual conversation? Once you consider your tone and audience, this gives us a clear direction on what identity your deck will have.


What images and photos can you provide us? Please try to provide the highest quality photos and images possible and free of overlays, illustrations, and other graphics on top of the image. We can add that stuff later. Not sure if you have any assets? Send what you have and we’ll go from there.



Lead time: 2 days

What are the main points you're trying to get across? Do you have data to prove your point? Once we get that information, we structure out your deck page by page and get an idea of what elements would best enhance your idea. We will share the outline for your approval before moving forward.



Lead time: 1 day

Depending on the scope of your deck, the build will take either just a few hours or can take 12 hours, not including time for edits, but it will all be worth it! This is where the magic happens where words and designs unite to create a great-looking deck that will help you achieve your goals.



Lead time: 1 week

Once we finish the deck, we will send it to you for you to review. Do you have a few edits? Several? We get it! If you have changes, please tell us, we won’t cry (much). Also, let us know what you like too and we can work from there. Positive, constructive criticism can go a long way, making a better deck in the end and cutting down unnecessary time in the meantime.

If you have any questions, we can answer them. We can provide past examples of decks and content, and together we can create a visual deck and design that represents you.

Case study

Brands and creators expect us to be on par or even exceed the visual quality of their work, their competitors, and ours. The creative crew has collaborated to develop visual identities that speak for themselves. The visual design you see on these decks is something you can expect on any content you need created.